The Estate

Our Terroirs

The Sancerre wine region is situated in the Val de Loire, well known for its white wines. Nonetheless, it's a Pinot Noir soil. Originally mainly planted with Pinot Noir, it was destroyed in 1886 by phylloxera, a vine disease. Read more


The “Domaine Bailly-Reverdy” is situated in the village of Bué, 5 kms from Sancerre, famous for its great number of winemakers (approximately 30 families) and the diversity of its terroirs.

At the very beginning, the Bailly family chose to harvest the grapes by hand.

April 16th 1952 : Bernard Bailly got married to Marie-Thérèse Reverdy, and that's how the name “Bailly-Reverdy” was given to the estate... Read more


Vine year

During a dry and relatively mild 2011-2012 winter, the only significant cold spell happened over February’s first half, which led to the culling of a few buds.

Budbreak came early, stretching from mid-March to early April. The climate reversals as of April 10 lead to three months... Read more