Sancerre Blanc “Les Monts Damnés”

Sancerre Monts Damnés

Appellation : Sancerre blanc
Domaine Bailly-Reverdy


Area : 1 hectare

Grape variety : Sauvignon

Soil : Marly Soils,  This wine is produced with grapes picked on one of the most famous places of the Sancerrois called “Les Monts Damnés”.

Vinification :
After hand-picking and sorting the grapes in the vineyard, they are transferred to the cellar with great care, in order to avoid bruising the skins. The pneumatic pressing and cold settling take place before the fermentation and the ageing wine during 12 month, in 228 and 500 litres oak barrels. In order to avoid denaturing the aromas of the Sauvignon using too many new barrels, we use a varying percentage of “fûts d'un vin”or “one year old barrels” (barrels used once, for only one wine), depending on the vintage. This method confers to that cuvée “Les Monts Damnés” a subtle balance between finesse and aromatic complexity.

Characteristcs :

Nice pale yellow colour with pale green highlights. Lovely legs. A really beautiful complex and aromatic nose : citrus notes ( lemon, grapefruit), white fruit : apricot, peach, pear. Wood barrel ageing gives the wine a toasted, spicy and vanilla note. Quite round in the mouth, with plenty of expression, you can find the citrus and woody aromas as well as a beautiful minerality. A great wine, delicate and elegant with a lovely length. Ideal as an apéritif. It will perfectly go with a red mullet, or a sea bass served with a creamy basil and dill sauce. You can also drink it with cooked crustaceans or cheeses.

Tasting commentaries by Jean-Christophe Pouteau, Sommelier-Cellar Master, qualified from Suze la Rousse Wine University.

Ageing potential :
Our white Sancerre “Les monts Damnés” will reach its peak from 12 to 24 months after the harvest and you'll enjoy it all through the ageing. You can keep it from 5 to 10 years; it depends on the vintage and the storage.

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